OCE offers comprehensive supervision services for your projects. Our supervision managers and engineers aim to provide quality services that will ensure that your project meets all the pre-defined objectives, is fully functional, cost-effective, and agrees with the contract conditions, statutory requirements and other specifications.

OCE Supervision Services

We offer a range of supervision services to support you and help you achieve economic and functional efficiency:

  • Cost control and reporting
  • Managing contract and schedules
  • Monitoring and activating the safety and security procedures
  • Approval of the devices, equipment, materials & suppliers, and controlling supplies
  • Approval of sub-contractors
  • Approval of the performance of the contractors and technical supervision
  • Claims management
  • Project control
  • Technical review of the contract documents
  • Primary and final submission

OCE Benefits

We employ the best resources and strive to provide accurate and time-efficient supervision services to ensure smooth execution of your project. Our construction managers, supervising engineers and inspectors have expert technical skills and extensive experience, and they deliver superior skills in quality.

Our construction supervision team examines all the activities ranging from drawings, work descriptions, contracts, budget estimates and tenders before construction initiation. Once the construction commences, we monitor all the work procedures meticulously to ensure that they conform to the contract obligations and specifications.

We also conduct rigorous checks during the construction supervision, and make regular site visits to ensure optimum efficiency and speedy execution.

We have offered supervision services to a variety of facilities across the Gulf, and have received appreciation from our clients for our excellence in terms of quality, time and cost.